16” Minimalist Vanity with One-Piece White Sink for Modern Bathroom

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Product Dimensions
Assembled Length (in.):15.40
Assembled Width (in.):8.50
Assembled Height (in.):32.30
Weight (lbs.):43.87
Package Size
Length (in.):19.00
Width (in.):12.20
Height (in.):41.06
Weight (lbs.):49.38
Product Features
  • Sufficient Storage Space

  • Silent and Smooth Operation

  • Minimalist Handle-Free Design

  • Seamless One-Piece Basin

  • Environmentally Friendly Construction

[Ample Storage Space], [Silent and Smooth Operation], [Minimalist Handle-Free Design]
Upgrade your bathroom storage with the Laura vanity, a perfect combination of functionality and style. This spacious cabinet features a door design that allows for flexible installation on either the left or right side, giving you the freedom to customize your space. With a convenient storage box within the side door, you'll have ample room to neatly organize your bathroom essentials, accommodating up to (13.2 gallon) 50L of items on both sides. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to a tidier, more organized bathroom.

The Laura vanity incorporates DTC silent buffer hinge technology, ensuring a silent and smooth operation. Open and close the doors effortlessly, enjoying a peaceful and bump-free experience. The sleek and minimalist design adds a touch of modern elegance to your bathroom while serving a practical purpose. The integrated handle-free design prevents collisions and protects your hands during use, making it a safe and user-friendly option.

[Seamless One-Piece Basin], [Environmentally Friendly Construction]
The one-piece molded basin offers exceptional durability and zero permeability. Say goodbye to water splashes and leakage, as this seamless basin keeps your bathroom clean and tidy. Its practicality is perfectly in line with the needs of modern individuals seeking an efficient and hygienic bathroom environment.

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