24” Striped Walnut Floating Vanity with Ceramic Sink

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Product Dimensions

Assembled Length (in.):24.01
Assembled Width (in.):18.30
Assembled Height (in.):15.60
Weight (lbs.):89.06
Package Size
Length (in.):27.80
Width (in.):22.00
Height (in.):20.10
Weight (lbs.):100.97
Product Features
  • Fashionable striped walnut texture
  • Curved Edges for Safety
  • Glossy White Integrated Ceramic Sink
  • Convenient Push Open Drawer
  • Discover the epitome of modern bathroom elegance with our Etna Floating Bathroom Vanity. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Etna vanity combines contemporary design with practical features, revolutionizing your bathroom space. Here’s why Etna stands out:
  • Fashionable Striped Walnut Texture Look: Etna boasts a trendy striped walnut texture finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your bathroom decor. The rich wood grain pattern elevates the vanity’s aesthetic, making it a standout piece in any bathroom setting.
  • Curved Edges for Safety: Your safety is our priority. Etna features elegantly curved edges, not just for style, but also to ensure a safer environment in your bathroom. Say goodbye to sharp corners and hello to peace of mind.
  • Glossy White Integrated Ceramic Sink: The vanity comes with a glossy white integrated ceramic sink that exudes luxury and charm. Its smooth surface is easy to clean and complements the vanity’s overall design seamlessly.
  • Convenient Push Open Drawer: Etna’s drawer is designed with your convenience in mind. With a simple push, the drawer glides open, allowing you to access your bathroom essentials effortlessly. No handles, no fuss – just pure functionality.
  • Spacious Sanctuary for Essentials: Need ample storage space? Etna’s drawer height of over 12 inches creates a sanctuary for all your bathroom essentials. From toiletries to towels, everything finds its place, keeping your bathroom clutter-free and organized.
  • Innovative U Shape Wall Fitting: Etna’s drawer features an innovative U shape wall fitted around the plumbing. This ingenious design not only conceals unsightly pipes but also increases storage efficiency by a remarkable 50%. Now, you can make the most of your bathroom space without compromise.
  • Elevate your bathroom experience with the Etna Floating Bathroom Vanity. It’s more than just a vanity – it’s a statement of your refined taste and practicality.


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