Modern Walnut Vanity (Sink & Wall Storage, 24″)

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Product Dimensions
Assembled Length (in.):24.00
Assembled Width (in.):18.10
Assembled Height (in.):25.20
Weight (lbs.):87.40
Package Size
Sub-item 1: W1865110047Package Quantity: 127 * 21.4 * 24.13 in. 57.98 lbs.
Sub-item 2: W1865107120Package Quantity: 127.9 * 23.4 * 11.2 in. 46.2 lbs.
Product Features
  • Sophisticated rosewood finish
  • Ample drawer space
  • Silent DTC soft-closing drawers
  • Sleek handle-free design
  • Environmentally Friendly Construction
Elevate your bathroom with the sleek and contemporary Alice Single Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity. Designed for modern aesthetics, Alice combines functionality with style to transform your space. Its striking Rosewood finish adds a touch of sophistication, while the black solid surface basin exudes elegance.

Alice is not only visually stunning but also highly practical. With double drawers and an innovative design, it maximizes the use of drawer space, providing an impressive 20% increase in storage capacity. Say goodbye to cluttered countertops and hello to organized bliss.

PS: The addition of natural emery raw material makes the black basin hard and wear-resistant, and it is normal to have a slight grainy feeling.

organized bliss.

The drawers of Alice are equipped with DTC soft-closing silent runners, ensuring smooth and silent operation. No more annoying slamming noises or jammed drawers. Additionally, the integrated 45° sloping handle-free design adds a touch of minimalism and simplicity to the overall look.

Crafted with care using E1 grade environmentally friendly boards, Alice is not only a stylish addition to your bathroom but also a responsible choice for the planet. The one-piece basin offers zero permeability and outstanding abrasion resistance, ensuring durability and easy maintenance.


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