Professional Quiet Commercial Blender, 2200ml, 1800W

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  • LARGE CAPACITY: This commercial smoothie blender has a capacity of 2200ml, which can meet the needs of commercial or large family use. This way, you don’t have to change or add ingredients frequently, and you can make more smoothies at once, improving your efficiency
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED: This commercial blender has a mechanical knob that can adjust the speed of the blender according to different foods. This way, you can make smoothies with different textures and tastes according to your preferences and needs, satisfying you and your customers’ different preferences.
  • SOUNDPROOF COVER: This soundproof blender comes with a soundproof cover that can keep quiet during use, not disturbing customers or your rest. This way, you can use the blender at any time and occasion, without worrying about noise problems, bringing you and your customers a more comfortable and pleasant experience.
  • POWERFUL MOTOR AND SHARP BLADES: This professional blender has a powerful motor and sharp blades that can crush ice cubes in 5 seconds. This way, you can quickly make refreshing smoothies, saving your time and energy, and reduce maintenance costs.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: This quiet blender has an elegant streamlined design and a gray body that can make your kitchen more advanced. This way, you can show off your taste and professionalism, leaving a deep impression on you and your customers.

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